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Class Projects

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class projects

Making rain gauges:

We like to make projects in our meetings, these are usually something easy but show a new skill. In this project we made rain guages to measure how much rain we get at home. Then we were to record it and bring back our findings in one month. This was to see how much rain each member recieved at there home. Some of us live out in the counrty while others of us live in the city. Our findings showed that the members who lived out in the counrty received more rain than the members who live in town.



bead stringing

Jewelry Making:

This can be a difficult skill to learn. You have to string the bead and find colors that go together, although not all of us do. This is good for hand eye coordination and helps to build creativity. Most of the members make the jewelry for themselves but some of us use this for gift giving.


class projects

Team activities:

We do team activities this helps all of us to learn how to work together and to listen to the other person. Most of our team activities is to help build our listening skills. If you can listen to the person working with you then you are not getting all of the directions and you could do something wrong. We also do activites that have written directions so that you have to interpet what the directions are.


We also do sharing time so that if one of our members has a story to tell or a life event that has affected them they have the support of the group. We like to help each other out, which intern makes us a better person.


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